How To Find Trade Show Models

May 12

Trade show models are models that are part of promotional events where a certain commodity, brand or product is unveiled. It is a marketing strategy where models are expected to boost sales by appealing to potential consumers by making them relate to the product. Finding trade show models can be difficult. In order to find someone who matches the personality of the product you wish to sell, someone who can identify with it and help pitch it better to customers, you must have a keen eye. If you think getting hold of efficient models is an uphill task, then here are a few tips that might help.

Approach A Reliable Agency:

There are several agencies available nowadays where you can find models trained specially for trade shows. These models are different from runway models as they are equipped with skills necessary for being a part of trade shows. Agencies usually hire models only after carefully screening them. Filtering processes include not only experience, skill, and ability, but also,it has ethical screening steps and professionalism. No one likes a model that is bossy and throws their weight around. These agencies display profiles of all models listed under them so that you can make your choices better.


The profiles include their pictures, credentials, experience, portfolio, their history with the organisation and client testimonials. Client testimonials are a very important part of evaluation as they help you understand the model’s capabilities from the perspective of someone who has hired them before. Such agencies should not be hard to find through the Yellow Pages or other such directories. They are a tried and tested way of looking for talent.

Search Online:

There are plenty of professional websites and networking sites which help working individuals find other working individuals. These sites contain complete resumes of models, along with their contact information. What makes scouring online a helpful option is that since all their pictures and other credentials are directly in front of you, it helps you make a decision easily. You can evaluate their repertoire and ascertain whether or not they meet your requirements and the brand you are trying to sell.

Branding And Image:

Understand that trade shows are different from fashion events. The model is not just expected to pose for the cameras but is also supposed to be aware of the product at hand. For this reason, it is crucial for them to be trained such. Trade show models must also be well versed in the concept of marketing and advertising so that they can help sell your product to consumers. Investing in an attractive model, but one who has no idea about the product or any knowledge of its functions will not help your business in any way.

Finding a trade show model can be difficult. It can be tricky to look for someone who fits your brand, marketing strategy, and budget. Online portals can largely help, and you can also publicise your requirements in order to attract relevant applications.

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Importance Of Trade Show Models

May 12

A lot of different career perspective have come up over the last few years. You will be surprised to know that many of them are extremely unconventional and might even shock you. But are all the unconventional career options a thing of the new era? No, there were quite a few unconventional career options available to the older generations as well. One such was that of a trade show models.

What Are Trade Show Models?

Many a time in order to drive consumerism, companies hire models who become the spokesman for that brand. They are often just asked to represent the brand or even be present during some event of the brand. These model are known as commercial models or trade show models. They actually help to heighten the consumer drive through their appearance. It is a well-known fact that most trade show models are pretty in physical appearance that helps to add to the brand.


Have you ever been to a live event or a trade show that is sponsored by a particular brand? You must have seen some very pretty ladies campaigning the products there. They might have been showing off the particular product, talking to the people who seemed interested in the product or even going up to people and explain to them what the product is all about. These are the different jobs of a trade show model. Their main job is to attract attention to the products. There are many different types of job profiles, but most of the companies recruit commercial models for this purpose.

How Can You Become A Trade Show Model?

There is no specific training in order to become a trade show model. If you are looking for a course in the same, then you might just get disappointed. Most individuals who have taken up modelling as a career are bound to step into this commercial modeling at one point of their career. There are many recruiting companies who offer their services of provision models to the big companies. So if you interest in this career, then you can definitely look into becoming a part of these recruiting agencies. You will be required to drop in your CV along with your pictorial portfolio in order to be considered. They will be letting you know when any post opens up that suits you and you will also be paid accordingly.

Requirements To Be A Trade Show Model

Though there are no specific requirements when it comes to becoming a trade show model, yet it is a known fact that being physically attractive is a somewhat necessity. It is also important that you have a friendly body language and is good in communication, there is a high chance that you will have to wear different types of outfits, so being comfortable in the different types of clothes you wear is also very important.

This is definitely a very good career option for anyone who is already in the modeling line and is looking to broaden their horizon.

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